Kafein Kültür


If the product in your order is in the Procurement process, you can cancel it. You can’t cancel if there is a “preparing and sent” statement, the products in your order have been delivered to the cargo. You may not accept the cargo when it arrives.

You can send the product you want to return by calling the Sürat Cargo you are affiliated with or the head office with the agreement code 1290671610 with a counter payment.

Shipments sent out of agreement will not be accepted. Returns that are not notified within 14 days of the order date and are accepted as returns are also borne by the customer.

For defective and/or defective products, the shipping fee will be covered by us (A authorized service report is required for defective and/or defective products.)

For arbitrary returns, the shipping fee will be deducted from the order amount and a refund will be made.

You can return the products within 14 days after they reach your address.

Request a refund from the Fault and Return Notification section. You should receive a return confirmation message.
You must fill in and sign the information in the return section at the bottom of your invoice. (According to the Tax Procedure Law No. 385, the return section in the subsection must be filled in and signed.)
product; invoice, original box, original packaging, accompanying documents, gift, promotion and all accessories. Returns of unused and undamaged products are accepted. See: Non-refundable products.

After your return request is approved, send it with the contracted Sürat Cargo code 428775543.
It should be packaged without a shipping label on the original box (otherwise, a decrease in value is requested.)
Returns due to malfunctions must have a service report. Unreported returns will be treated as a new product.

Herhangi bir nedenle iade etmek istediğiniz, yeniden satılabilirlik özelliği taşıyan ürünün iade süresi 14 iş günüdür.

Ürünün kusurlu olmasından dolayı iade etmek istediğinizde ise bu süre 30 gündür. (servis raporu gerekmektedir)

The return period for a re-saleable product that you want to return for any reason is 15 working days. If you want to return the product because it is defective, this period covers 30 days. If these deadlines are exceeded, the refund will not be processed.

product; invoice, original box, original packaging, accompanying documents and all accessories. Returns of unused and undamaged products are accepted.

We kindly request that no shipping labels or duct tape be used on the original box. Otherwise, the refund will not be possible.
Products offered for sale under the Outlet category are strictly non-refundable.
Products that come into contact with the body during use (underwear, headphones, jewelry, etc.), cosmetics, electronic personal care products cannot be returned for hygienic reasons.
If the original packaging of copyable products (VCD, DVD, etc.) and disposable products is opened, they are not returned.
Products damaged by user error (fall, impact, etc.) cannot be returned.
In electronic products, after opening the box, there are no broken, cracked, crushed, fabrication defects etc. in the product. In the event that there is a case, you must keep a report with the cargo officer and send the product back without accepting it.
In electronic products, technical problems that may be experienced after product delivery, you should receive a return / exchange report from the technical service of the relevant brand and send it to us.

After the products you return reach the Caffeine Culture store, their compliance with the return conditions is checked.

After checking the compliance of the product with the return conditions, the cost of the unused products that have not lost their resaleability feature will be transferred to your credit card within an average of 5-7 working days. The duration of the fee refund process varies according to the banks.

You can reach us from “Support Requests” for any questions about returns.

When receiving your order, there should be no tears, crushing, wetting, etc. in the cargo package. You should definitely check if there is a problem.

The cargo officer will assist you in case of any problems with the cargo package or its contents. In such a case, you should not take delivery of the cargo and keep a report to the cargo authority. The report will facilitate your transactions in product exchange or refund.

The entire price of the product you have purchased in installments is returned to your credit card, depending on your bank. However, your bank will reflect your refund amount to your credit card in installments. (the problem is with your bank)