Kafein Kültür


Siparişleriniz kargoya verilmeden önce adres değişikliği yapılabilmektedir.

Kargoya verilen siparişler size ulaşmadan önce teslimat adresini değiştirmek isterseniz, sol menüde yer alan “yeni destek talebi” bölümünden “kargo ve paketlemeyi” seçerek hızla işlemi başlatabilirsiniz. Ancak bu tür durumlarda teslimat süresinin uzayabileceği dikkate alınmalıdır.

When Will the Shipping Information of My Order Be Entered? The cargo information of your orders is entered within 24 hours at the latest after the order delivery period. For example, the cargo information of an order that should be sent in 3 days is entered at the end of the 4th day.

Note : We return to you for orders whose tracking number cannot be tracked from the system even though the Supply End Time has passed 24 hours.

If we have not informed you, you can get a quick reply by sending an e-mail to info@kafeinkultur.com.

The shipping fee is written on the product page you order. The shipping fee differs according to the product. You pay the shipping fee when purchasing the product.

To find out where your order has been delivered to cargo; You can find out your cargo tracking number by viewing your order from My User Account > My Orders tab, respectively.

Your orders go through packaging processes in accordance with the sensitivity of the products. The products to be broken are packaged by wrapping them with special protective paper padding and special nylon air balloons and placing them in an extra box and fixing them. Thus, the possibility of damage to even sensitive products in cargo is minimized.

While receiving your order, there should be no rips, crushes, wetting, etc. in the cargo package. You should definitely check if there is a problem.

We also recommend that you make sure that the products in your package are the same as those reflected in the invoice.

The cargo officer will assist you in case of any problems with the cargo package or its contents. In such a case, you should not take delivery of the cargo and keep a report to the cargo authority.

The report will facilitate your transactions in product exchange or refund.

* Missing/damage notifications made after receiving the cargo may be rejected depending on the examination, as there is no report or it was not prepared at the time of first delivery.

We send the products in your order with the contracted Sürat Kargo.

Cargoes sent directly from our suppliers in furniture and similar product groups are forwarded with the courier company that our supplier has an agreement with.

A “undeliverable” note is left when you cannot be found at the address. Your order will be delivered to your address once again on the next business day.

You can ensure that your package arrives at the right time, by contacting the cargo company and specifying the day you find it suitable for them to come again.

Your undeliverable order is returned to the Kafeinkultur.com warehouse.

All orders are shipped with a waybill or invoice as required by law.