Kafein Kültür
All About Specialty Coffee and Coffee Culture!​

Coffee has an important place in our lives, be it for its energizing aspect or for its taste. For those who prioritize the taste and experience in coffee, specialty coffee becomes much more important at this point. In the journey of coffee from farm to cup, careful production and selection of beans, roasting profiles specific to coffees, special recipes for coffees and interactive communication are the criteria that coffee lovers seek to maximize their specialty coffee experience.

Specialty coffee is a production/consumption relationship that requires expertise from the beginning to the end in its journey from the farm to the cup. It takes education, experience and expertise to understand the characteristics of coffee and to deliver the highest quality coffee. As Kafein Kültür, we aim to keep the experience of coffee lovers at the highest level with the best quality coffees we produce under our expertise and interactive coffee sharing.

Kafein Kültür has gained knowledge and experience in various positions in the sector such as barista, barista trainer and coffee roaster, and 2017-2020 SCA Turkey Brewers Cup Champion Orkun Üstel, and Globally/Yiğit Koçyiğit, who has imported various coffee equipment over the years and is the distributor of various coffee equipment, the two of them are together. came out to share its experiences and productions on specialty coffee with you.