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The Concept of Freshness for Speciality Coffee

The Concept of Freshness for Specialty Coffee

In a previous post on the Kafein Kültür Blog, we talked about Specialty Coffee. In this post, we will share our experiences and thoughts on the concept of freshness for Specialty Coffee, which has become increasingly important in both the production and consumption of this product, and has been somewhat misunderstood to a certain extent.”

Kafein Kültür Nitelikli Kahve için Tazelik Kavramı

Why is Freshness Important for Specialty Coffee? 

In our previous post, we discussed how the production of Specialty Coffee has brought attention to details, expertise, and transparency in the industry. All these details ultimately serve one purpose: to enhance the flavor of coffee. Coffee, especially before the emergence of Specialty Coffee, was mostly consumed for its caffeine content. However, with Specialty Coffee, flavor has become just as important as caffeine. To bring out the best flavor in coffee, multiple parameters need to be in harmony, and freshness is one of them. The freshness of coffee refers to the period of time after the coffee is roasted within which it should be consumed. During this period, volatile aroma molecules and the organic chemical composition of the coffee are at their best for producing the best flavor. This period varies depending on the coffee and the roasting profile.

Kafein Kültür Nitelikli Kahve için Tazelik Kavramı

Generally speaking, the freshness period of coffee after roasting can vary between 1 to 2 months depending on storage conditions. However, this period also varies from coffee to coffee. Another parameter to consider when it comes to freshness in coffee is the release of gas during a period known as the “resting period.” After roasting, coffee contains a significant amount of carbon dioxide, which is expected to be released during the degassing process. If the coffee is not rested enough, it can produce negative flavors resulting from carbon dioxide. In other words, coffee that is too fresh is not necessarily better than stale coffee, and it’s essential to let coffee rest for the recommended period of time according to the roaster’s instructions.

As Kafein Kültür, we recommend resting our coffees for at least 2 weeks for espresso and 1.5 weeks for filter coffee before brewing. 

Enjoy your brewing experience!

Kafein Kültür Nitelikli Kahve için Tazelik Kavramı