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Ethiopia Kelloo Haru Espresso

Region: Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe
Manufacturer/Station Managers: Tsedenia 8 Fikadu Abayneh
Farm/Station: Foge/Haru
Process: Washed
Variety: 74112, 1377
Altitude: 1800 mt
Harvest: December 2020 – 2021
Supplier: Nordic Approach
Profile: Filter
Tasting Notes: Mild Levander, peach, mild black tea
Tasting Score: 87,25

 11,00 41,80


Ethiopia Kelloo Haru Espresso

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Roaster’s notes: Ethiopian coffees have won the palate preference of almost every coffee lover with their fruity, tea-like coffees and successful natural and washed method coffees. We are one of those people who love those good Ethiopian coffees! 😊 Therefore, in our first selection, we wanted to choose a delightful washed coffee with a strong tea-like flavor, and Kelloo Haru is the answer to our quest! At the same time, an alternative espresso, espresso profile has become a coffee that can appeal to adventurous espresso lovers, Kelloo Haru #2.

There is also a farm attached to the Station, which is the producer of Kelloo Haru. However, within their own production, they work with close to 100 small-scale farms and buy cherries during the harvest and process them well with their own production. Like almost all well-known stations, this station also researches and works in various ways in order to increase the quality of production and improve the lives of farmers. Managers Tsedenia and Fikadu care about smallholder farmers and the environment. They see small farms as business partners, work and develop to increase their premiums, and advise farmers on correct farm management and production. Their own farm is Foge certified organic, and a few medium-sized farms they partner with have also received organic certification. They use organic farming methods by producing organic compost fertilizers for their own production. All these efforts must have started to bear fruit, because they produce quite enjoyable coffee. 😊
Processing of Coffee: After the cherries of the coffee are picked, the beans, which are separated from the skin and flesh of the fruit in the Agaarde Discpulper brand sorter, are transferred to the tanks for the washing process. Under water, the parchment beans are fermented for 78 hours and then carefully dried on raised beds.

Ethiopian Kelloo Haru is a very tea-like and floral espresso with lavender and peach flavoring, light lavender, peach and light black tea tasting notes that you can drink comfortably and comfortably at any time of the day.

Happy brewings!

Orkun ÜsTEL

*We recommend a gas release period of 2 weeks for this coffee.

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1kg, 250gr

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Beans, Filter, French Press, Turkish Coffee, Chemex, Aeropress, Moka Pot, V60


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