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Brazil Sitio Sao Pedro

Origin: Brazil
Producer: Lourdes Fatima, Thiago Fatima
Farm: Sitio Sao Pedro
Process: Anaerobic Natural
Variety: Mundo Novo
Harvest: 2021
Supplier: Nordic Approach
Profile: Filter
Taste Description: Cherry, Cocoa Nib, Raisins
Cup Score: 87

 10,23 38,88

Brazil Sitio Sao Pedro

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Roaster’s Notes: When we saw the name of this coffee, which is currently in our selection, among the samples from Nordic Approach for our second import, we did not even think to buy it! Until we taste the coffee!

The experimental fermented coffees, which are becoming increasingly popular and accessible, attract a lot of attention, it is really difficult to find the best among these coffees. In poorly processed experimental coffees, there may be taste situations where very intensely fermented flavors overwhelm the clarity of the cup. On the contrary, in well-processed experimental coffees, we can obtain cups with high cup clarity and complexity.

Although it is Anaerobic Natural in Sitio Sao Pedro, it is clear like a washed coffee, but it is sweet like a well-processed natural, and it has nice fruity flavors from which its fermentation takes its positive sides. For this reason, we said that we should definitely buy this coffee when we taste it at the cupping session. 😊

Lourdes Fatima is the head of the production of Sitio Sao Pedro farm, this specific production came out under the leadership of his son Thiago’s ideas and efforts. While long fermentations cannot be tried in normal large-scale productions, Thiago has worked on Anaerobic Natural fermentation especially for the Mundo Novo varieties they produce. As a result, a coffee with the distinctive sweetness characteristic of classical Natural processes has emerged with the Natural process finish, which has more distinctive and clear flavors due to its more controlled fermentation than Natural coffees.

Processing of Coffee: After the ripe cherries were picked, they were fermented for 72 hours in drying boxes for controlled fermentation before the Natural (drying) finishing process. During fermentation, the team measured brix and PH and closely monitored temperature. The temperature for this batch did not rise above 38 degrees, Brix measured from cherry was 12 and final PH was 4. At the end of the process, the coffees were dried in the veranda on the raised beds to finish the fermentation.

Brazil Sitio Sao Pedro is a very balanced anaerobic natural coffee that offers aroma notes such as sour cherry, milk chocolate. Sour cherry, cocoa nib and raisin in flavor.


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1kg, 250gr

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Espresso, Beans, Filter, French Press, Turkish Coffee, Chemex, Aeropress, Moka Pot, V60


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