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Ethiopia Duromina Lot 9

Origin: Ethiopia, Agaro, Quedamesa
Producer: Duromina Cooperative Members
Farm/Station: Duromina Stations
Process: Washed
Variety: 74110, 74112
Altitute: 2000 m
Harvest: 2022
Supplier: Nordic Approach
Roast Profile: Filter
Taste Description: Hints of Lemon, Peach, Jasmine, Black Tea With Lemon

 15,00 58,50

Ethiopia Duromina Lot 9

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Roaster’s Notes:

Although there is quite a variety of natural coffees in our selection, it has become known to both Caffeine Culture lovers and those who follow me that I am a fan of washed coffee. 😊 Moreover, even when choosing natural coffee, I always pay attention to the clarity of natural coffees similar to washed coffees. We are here with Ethiopian Duromina Lot #9 coffee, which will dethrone Ethiopian Kelloo Haru in our 2021 selection, which will delight the washed coffee lovers who want to take a break from naturals now!

Duromina Lot #9 is traditionally a cooperative coffee, like most Ethiopian coffees. Duromina cooperative has a total of 2 separate stations where it performs post-harvest processing. With these two separate stations, Duromina produced many award-winning coffees with its members and provided a good source of income to its farmers and workers. Although it provides post-harvest coffee cherries to the cooperative stations outside of its members, it makes a separate additional payment after processing the members’ coffees and scoring those coffees in order to encourage membership.

Although Duromina is an organic coffee in Lot #9, almost like many Ethiopian coffees, it has also received various certifications that it is organic thanks to the financial strength of the cooperative. The certifications of coffee are Debio and Organic EU. While we have Kelloo Haru in stock, we also mentioned the story of the coffee there. Ethiopian producers are obliged to do organic farming due to economic constraints throughout the country, and because they cannot find certification money for the same economic reasons, they cannot get a record of their products as organic products. In this sense, Duromina shows that it is very strong in practices as a cooperative.


The coffee cherries are harvested by farmers who are members of the cooperative, then the unripe and unripe cherries are manually sorted before being delivered to the washing station for processing. Then, at the station, a significant part of the cherry peel and mucilage is extracted with the Penagos Eco Pulper. After the mucilage is mechanically removed, it is soaked in clean water in concrete tanks for about 3-10 hours. The coffees undergo a brief fermentation during washing due to the small amount of mucilage remaining. Coffees with white or yellow honey also continue to ferment in drying beds. The mucilage, which remains under the shade for 6 hours, is separated as it dries, and the coffees are left to dry in a controlled manner under the canopy on raised beds for 10 days.

Ethiopia Duromina Lot #9 with notes such as light lemon, peach, light black tea in fragrance, and light lemon, peach, jasmine, lemon black tea in harmony with its flavor, we hope it will win your appreciation.

Happy brews.


1kg, 250gr

Grinding Options

Beans, Filter, French Press, Turkish Coffee, Chemex, Aeropress, Moka Pot, V60


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