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El Salvador Tablon La Independencia

Origin: El Salvador, Santa Ana
Producer: Jose Antonio, Andres ve Jose JR Salaverria
Farm/Station: San Francisco
Process: Natural
Variety: Catuai, Bourbon
Altitute: 1400 – 1750 m
Harvest: 2022
Supplier: Nordic Approach
Roast Profile: Filter
Taste Description: Hints of Peach, Rosehip, Intense Black Tea

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El Salvador Tablon La Independencia

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Roaster’s Notes:
Even if I’m not a big fan of naturals, if you’ve been following our brand for a year, as you can see, we definitely have three to four kinds of naturals in our selection. 😊 The reason is that I want to choose clear, bright naturals that will not look like washed quality coffees and bring them together with naturalist quality coffee lovers. This is the first time we have an El Salvador in our selection for this harvest season and this season’s winning action from El Salvador was Natural! 😊

Finca San Francisco is a large 294-hectare farm divided into “tables”. La Independencia, on the other hand, is one of the paintings they call Tablon, which is divided into different areas in this large field. Other paintings in the farm are; Tablon San Ramon, Tablon San Antonio, Tablon Las Ranas, Tablon La Independencia, Tablon El Pedregal, Tablon La Cabana, and Tablon Loma Linda.

For José Antonio Salaverría’s production philosophy →

The producers running the San Francisco field are Jose Antonio and his sons Andres and Jose are the 6th generation producers of the farm.

Jose Antonio and his sons process all the coffees they produce and come from many other fields in their own processing station Las Cruces. After the Las Cruces Processing Station they bought in 1990, they have improved themselves a lot since then. Much of their success stems from their passion for coffee.

Processing of Coffee:
After the ripe cherries are picked, they are dried on raised beds under canopies at Las Cruces stations. In this way, control during fermentation is easier, and as a result, coffees with fermented flavors are in the background and clean and complex flavors are at the forefront. We hope you will love our first El Salvador coffee, which offers notes such as red grape in aroma, dried red apple, light peach in flavor, rosehip, intense black tea in flavor profile.



1kg, 250gr

Grinding Options

Beans, Filter, French Press, Turkish Coffee, Chemex, Aeropress, Moka Pot, V60


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