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Timemore Fish Youth Pour-over Gooseneck Kettle 700ml (White)

Timemore, herkese hitap eden taze, iyi tasarlanmış ürünler üretmeye devam ediyor!

Bu 700 ml su ısıtıcısı, iki küçük fincanı veya gerçekten büyük bir fincanı hazırlamak için idealdir ve yine de harika bir dökülmeyi hazırlamak için yeterli hassasiyeti sağlar. Timemore’un diğer su ısıtıcılarındaki gibi, dahili akış sınırlayıcısı sayesinde en yavaş akışlarda bile akış sabittir.


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Timemore Fish Youth Pour-over Gooseneck Kettle 700ml (White)

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Timemore continues to produce fresh, well-designed products that appeal to everyone!

This 700ml kettle is ideal for brewing two small cups or a really large cup and still provides just enough precision to prepare a great pour. Like Timemore’s other water heaters, the flow is constant even at the slowest flows, thanks to the built-in flow limiter.

Available in 2 colors; modern, practical and great to use. What more could you want from a pourover kettle?


700ml capacity
Easy to control; water flows downward at 90° angle
Ergonomically designed with comfortable thumb rest
Anti-scald wooden handle
It is made of 304 quality stainless steel.
Suitable for stovetop use
Weight, anhydrous 542g

Suitable for stovetop use.



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