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Cafec Abaca Trapezoid Filter Paper-103

You can use Cafec Abaca Trapezoid 103 filters, which use “No4” filter paper, for all filter coffee machines. They are fully compatible with all models such as Moccamaster 1.25 lt and Sage Breville.

These filters can also be used with flat-bottomed brewers such as Clever and Bonavita Dripper, providing a perfect fit.


Cafec Abaca Trapezoid Filter Paper-103

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ABACA Filter Paper

This paper is made from a mixture of ABACA (Manila fiber) and pulp obtained from a reforestation project. We can say that FSC certified ABACA filter paper is an eco-friendly product. The FSC certification is proof that the fibers used in the mixture are produced using environmentally friendly methods. Abaca has a high air and liquid permeability, hardness, and elasticity. Thanks to the Cafec air drying system, the two sides of the filters have a balanced crepe structure. These features make Abaca paper filters both durable and helpful in preventing clogging during brewing. On the other hand, it has a more sustainable raw material mixture compared to conventional papers. And of course, it is manufactured in Japan.

Advantages of ABACA

ABACA fibers have a 4 times stronger structure than paper pulp, despite being half the thickness of wood fiber. Thanks to its advantages, many professionals appreciate the high quality of “ABACA filter paper.” Being faster, stronger, and more sustainable in terms of environmental impact are the outstanding advantages of Abaca!

CAFEC Abaca & Traditional Filter Papers

CAFEC Abaca and Traditional filter papers have a “Two-Sided Crepe” structure. Cafec achieves this feature with its signature technology, the hot air drying (Air-Through Dry) system. Thanks to the balance of the heights of the crepe on both sides, a sufficient air layer is formed between the paper and the brewing equipment, allowing water flow at an ideal speed.

Yes, this is a paper, but not just any paper!


Original Paper Production Technology, “Two-Sided Crepe” with Air Drying

In the standard paper production process, the paper is dried with a heated cylinder, and during this process, the crepe, which is the layer that provides height on one side of the paper, is pressed. On the other hand, CAFEC papers are subjected to a drying process with pressurized hot air instead of pressing in the standard process. This way, the heights of the crepes on both sides are maintained. Almost all coffee particles are trapped on the crepe thanks to the balance of the heights of the two-sided crepe. This allows for a clean drinking experience without muddy residue. Furthermore, the Two-Sided Crepe ensures smooth water flow.



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