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How Do We Collaborate with Venues for Wholesale Coffee?

In our previous article on Kafein Kültür Blog, we talked about coffee selection for cafes that want to serve specialty coffee. In this article, we will talk about how we work with the establishments we partner with to be beneficial for cafes looking for wholesale coffee sales.

First Meeting

During our first meetings with you, we learn about your vision, your brand’s vision, positioning, and the products you currently offer or plan to offer. As we believe in the value-added relationship between brands in the Specialty Coffee industry, we work to establish a value relationship between your brand and our Kafein Kültür brand. Accordingly, we offer you the most suitable coffees at the right prices and provide separate services for in-house training or consultancy needs for your brand, and offer proposals for them.

Our Collaboration Begins

Once we have agreed as two brands, our collaboration begins. Since the day we established Kafein Kültür, our goal has been to make interactive communication and quality information accessible along with our package of coffee. Therefore, we have a lot of valuable information about our coffee on YouTube. We also apply this approach to the brands we sell wholesale coffee to. Firstly, we provide orientation for the bar team about our products after we start our collaboration. We provide all the necessary information about the coffee’s identity, flavor profiles, how it should be prepared, and how it should be served. Additionally, our YouTube content is available for the regular use of the bar team. While our orientation service is a part of our collaboration, if you want corporate training for your brand, this will be subject to separate fees. We establish a communication group with all the bar team and the brand’s managers to ensure the necessary recipe, quality control, and information flow, and we keep in regular communication for coffee.

Regular Quality Control

High-quality coffee requires stability in production, brewing, and serving. Therefore, we subject our coffee production to serious quality control processes before packaging. We also show the same sensitivity for the coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels we supply coffee to. For this reason, we also conduct periodic quality control inspections at the locations of the brands we have regular collaborations with. Communication groups that we open together with the brands become quite important at this point.

Creating Shared Value in Specialty Coffee Service

As we enter into a partnership with brands that serve quality coffee, we view them as our value partners. They are our value partners in delivering quality coffee. We have planned all of the communication, education, and quality control processes with this perspective. We have made significant progress with our partner brands through serious and lengthy processes, and we have created shared values together.

If you also want to create shared value with us by serving our coffee in your brand, you can click on the “Kafein Kültür / Wholesale Coffee Sales Form” link below: