Caballero La Tanairi
And YES! One of the mentioned very good, very clean and very pure natural coffees is in our selection and we are very happy to present this coffee to you! ..

Honduras, Marcala

Marysabel Caballero&Moises Herrera

Finca La Tanairi



1600 mt

Last months of 2020/First months of 2021

Nordic Approach


Tasting Notes:
Nectarine, Strawberry, Blueberry

Cup Score: 85


Roaster's Notes:

Orkun Üstel

Orkun Üstel

Although the coffees of the Caballero family have not entered Turkey much until today, many of you are familiar with this family because of the Gesha productions I used in the competition. This family, which also won the Cup of Excellence first place, has many high quality variety productions. They are sincere farmers with whom I am proud to have connections with them and to compete with their production for years. For this reason, I am honored to have the coffees of one of the producers with whom we have strong communication in our selection.

Marysabel and Moises are very sensitive to environmental sustainability in the production process. In their annual work, they devote a significant part of their focus to improving the soil so that the coffee trees can grow in good conditions. For this, they have their own organic compost. If you want to listen to the sensitivities of the production stage from the first person, you can reach the interview we had with Marysabel Caballero from the link. (Video)

In our selection from this year’s harvest, there are two coffees that are very different from each other in terms of character, even though they have the same variety. The coffees we will talk about on this page are Washed Catuai harvests.

Although Caballero productions are globally renowned for their generally washed coffee, Moises Herrera started working on the natural method four years ago. As Marysabel reported in our interview with Marysabel, Moises had a saying when she started her natural studies: “If I make natural processed coffee one day, I will produce a very good natural coffee, it is very clean, very clear natural!”

And YES! One of the mentioned very good, very clean and very clear natural coffees is in our selection and we are very happy to present this coffee to you!

While Catuai varieties are generally known for their mild acidity, sweetness, this Catuai Natural fermentation step is a good example of what the fermentation step can bring to coffee and how clean and clear well-processed Natural coffees can be. While Moises is fairly new to many Natural trading farms, it has definitely proven itself quite well with this Natural Catuai!

Processing of Coffee:

After the pickers collect the ripe cherries, the cherries are dried on raised beds covered with canopies and fermented. The total fermentation period takes between 20 and 40 days depending on the weather conditions during the harvest period. Afterwards, the coffees are cleaned by separating from the fermented shell layer and filled into sacks.

We believe that this coffee will give you a pleasant experience with its aroma nectarine and blueberry, flavor nectarine, strawberry, blueberry tasting notes and light to medium body. Even though we cannot make direct purchases from these farmers yet, we are also very happy to offer you the products of farmers with whom we have friendship ties! I hope you will like it too!


*We recommend a gas release period of at least 1.5-2 weeks for the filter profiles of our coffees.

Honduras Caballero La Tanairi
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