La Palma
El Tucan
Natural Sidra
We are experiencing the rightful pleasure and happiness of bringing Bioinovasyon Natürel Sidra and Natural Gesha, which are Heroes series productions, through direct trade and presenting them to you!

Colombia, Zıpacon, cundınamarca

felıpe sardı

la palma y el tucan

Bio-ınnovatıon Natural


1750 m


La Palma y El Tucan / Dırect Trade


Lıme, Aprıcot, Bergamot, Golden Delıcıous Apple



Roaster’s Notes:

Orkun Üstel

The last stop of my Colombia trip in 2019 was La Palma y El Tucan. LP&ET is a farm that has gained a great reputation in the world both with its own production of competition level high segment lots and with the production of Neighbors & Crops projects, many people have won national and world championships with their own productions. Since my visit in 2019, I dreamed of bringing the delectable produce of this enormous, branded farm to people with a direct trade. And now! we are making this dream come true as Kafein Kültür. We are experiencing the rightful pleasure and happiness of bringing Bioinnovation Natural Sidra and Natural Gesha, which are Heroes series productions, through direct trade and presenting them to you!


La Palma y El Tucan was established in 2011 under the leadership of Felipe Sardi. LP&ET started out differently than traditional coffee farming. Their aim was to find the best land with the criteria to grow the product in the desired quality and create a production culture that would revolutionize traditional coffee farming as a methodology, with excellent pricing that would encourage producers to produce.

As Sebastian Villamizar, a current managing partner and the former sales manager of LP&ET in 2019, told me that the biggest denominator of La Palma y El Tucan is the microclimate in which the farms are located, enabling them to capture the intense flavor in their private lots. So much so that the most important development they have made since their first establishment has been to adapt the trees to the microclimate through selection. Despite the fact that this condition results in a low harvest volume, it enables the trees to produce stronger mucilage in their fruits and ensures efficient post-harvest fermentations. This causes it to create the intense palate feeling typical of LP&ET coffees.

No doubt, the care in their production is not limited to their progressive methods to use the microclimate in the most efficient way. La Palma y El Tucan has a facility that regularly produces compost with a very rich content that helps them to practice organic farming on their lands, a well-equipped research, and tasting laboratory to enable them to examine their production on-site, and a professional production team.

All this care comes with many successes one after the other. La Palma y El Tucan becomes a world-class brand in a very short time, LP&ET coffee has become a favorite product that has been used and continues to be used by champions in many national and world competitions.

For La Palma y El Tucan Honors List:

Please click on the photo to see the La Palma y El Tucan Achievements List.​

LP&ET Heroes Nano Lot series:

This series, which constitutes 10% of the farm’s production, is around 88 points. Presented in boxes of 25 kg (2 bricks – 12.5 kg each); 100 boxes per year are available worldwide.

Fermentation and Process:

“This process reveals a rich, plump, velvety body and tropical notes that blend with a distinctly lactic and tartaric acid sense. creates a unique sensory experience.”


 To make its own fermentation substrate for this process, La Palma y El Tucan isolates and grows local microorganisms found in the forest where farm is located. This substrate is then inoculated with cherries for fermentation in tanks for 96 hours. Each coffee lot is infused with a controlled substrate to support the same microorganism population in every batch, resulting in greater consistency in reactions and the resulting flavor profile.

Specific to bioinnovation, this Sidra harvest is fermented for 24 hours in air contact, 74 hours in air contactless environment, and then it is established under a white canopy on raised beds with specially selected plastic floors for 63 days not to damage the cherries. In order to end the drying in a controlled manner, it is finally subjected to an additional 57 hours of drying in the mechanical dryer and the fermentation is finished.


The best ripe Sidra cherries are meticulously picked from the area of La Palma y El Tucan’s agricultural land at an altitude of 1750 meters, where there are 2000 Sidra trees in total. After Fermentation / Processing, a large-scale sorting team, trained and experienced in green beans, works very intensively on the beans with defects and small size in a very detailed way to obtain Sidra Heroes lots. You can find the end-of-harvest sorting footage in my video “Bogota – Zipacon – La Palma y El Tucan” at the 16th Minute.

We are so happy to serve you our very first direct trade which is LP&ET Heroes Bio-İnnovation Natural Sidra.

In this competition series Sidra; 

  Tea-like, highly complex Sidra, you will find green tea with lemon in the aftertaste.

 For fragrance you will find sweet notes such as lemon, red apple and candied apple 

 İn flavour you will find lime, apricot, bergamot, golden delicious apple.