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A Guide to Choosing Specialty Coffee for Cafes

A Guide to Choosing Specialty Coffee for Cafes

In previous posts on the Kafein Kültür Blog, we have discussed specialty coffee, freshness in specialty coffee, and how to brew great specialty coffee at home. In this post, we will share our ideas on how new or existing cafes can select specialty coffee that suits their brand and how to promote coffee that will connect with their customers.

If you are planning to open a new coffee shop or cafe and want to serve Specialty Coffee, the first thing you need to decide is your flagship espresso and main filter coffee that will become an integral part of your coffee shop. Although the first thing that comes to mind is to keep the cost low, if you want to serve Specialty Coffee, you need to choose a coffee that is balanced in taste and price, high in quality and complexity, and has a high price-performance ratio. This way, you can create signature products with a high-quality coffee that will be unique to your coffee shop. In our own selection, our first recommended coffee is Brazil Pink Star with a score of 82 in the 2022-2023 harvest for both main espresso and main filter, and it is truly a value-for-money coffee. For main filter, besides Brazil Pink Star, our Mexico Finca la Estanzuela coffee is also a great option in terms of taste.

Filter Brewed Coffees

We talked about the main espresso and filter coffee, now it’s time to talk about manual filter brewing. 😊

When it comes to manual brewing, we work with extra sensitivity in terms of filter coffee variety due to our founder, head roaster Orkun Üstel’s coffee brewing championships. In our selection, we work regularly with 3 producers each harvest season, and also collect various specialty coffees from different farms for the rest of the selection. This way, we keep the variety and flavor richness of filter coffee at the highest level for coffee shops.

If you’re using equipment like V60, Chemex, Aeropress, etc. for manual filter coffee brewing in your cafe, we recommend selecting your coffees based on the flavor variety you want to offer. If you’re looking for mostly fruit-forward coffees in your brewing bar, various washed or natural African coffees could be your choice. Especially Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees are the highest in fruit profile both in natural and washed coffees. Additionally, exotic varieties and experimental processes from South and Central American coffee production can be your choice if you’re looking for a wide selection of fruitiness and complexity.

If you’re looking for sweet, lightly acidic, and medium to high-bodied coffees for your brewing selection in your coffee shop, washed or short natural process varieties from South America would be a good choice for your selection.

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